PNR Series by Author A-Z

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From Gothic to ancient mythology to supernatural to urban fantasy, PNR mixes romantic relationships with fantasy and myth. Whether deep undersea in Poseidon’s kingdom or trapped in the Seelie Court of the fae, this genre draws on the long-running love of the supernatural and magical.

For avid PNR readers, one book set in a magical world is just not enough! Especially in romance, reading a series extends the pleasure of one HEA into many. To that end, SFRSS has compiled a list of PNR series (and a few stand-alones) for you to browse in anticipation of your next quest into one of these magical worlds.

We’ve listed the authors* alphabetically and linked their names to their websites, whenever possible. Most of the books on the list are currently available. They range from serious to silly, sweet to salacious.

Venture forth! You next favorite author and series are just a few links away.








*Did we miss someone special, an author, a much-loved series, or a title that needs to be added to our list? Drop us an email ( with “PNR LIST” in the subject line so we can add the author/series/title. This list will be updated periodically, possibly irregularly (we’re not just readers, we’re writers too–so busy, busy!) to accommodate new releases.

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